Benefits of Podiatry

It is estimated that 9 out of 10 of us will get a foot problem.

Our feet undoubtedly do a lot of work of us – they carry us to and from work, carry us around the shops and drive the car.  That’s before we consider the impact of sport, footwear, illness and disease, the environment and all that standing!

Leonardo da Vinci was perhaps right when he said “The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.”  The trouble is that masterpiece of engineering often required help and that help comes in the form of a podiatrist.

Podiatry is a profession allied to medicine, which means podiatrists work alongside and in conjuncton with their medical colleagues.  Podiatrists (also sometimes called chiropodists) are specialised in the assessment and diagnosis of foot problems or foot-related problems.

If feet hurt or if they are getting an undue amount of hard skin, if there are colour changes, or if they are deforming or changing shape then a podiatry check up should be considered.

If you have never visited a podiatrist before and think your feet are probably fine, there is no harm having the occasional check up – prevention is better than cure with most problems.

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