The Footcare Centre welcomes Paul Sen to the team

In July 2016 The Footcare Centre welcomed Paul Sen to the team.

It’s only been a couple of months since I joined the Footcare centre team (FCC), but I’m already starting to feel like part of the furniture, and I’d like to thank the team at FCC for making the transition an enjoyable and painless one.

I can definitely say it’s been an interesting and sometimes challenging journey to reach this point in my career, and it seems a long time ago since 2000, when I qualified with a chiropody diploma. Though the lessons learnt back then have definitely held me in good stead.

After qualifying I initially worked in the private sector for 8 years, during which I also competed in the London and New York marathons. This sparked my interest in health and fitness and led me to completing a sports science degree with which I used in order to provide residential fitness and wellbeing programmes.

However due to family circumstances, I personally learnt the importance and reward from providing care and decided to work in the care industry, which resulted in employment as a care manager. It was during this time that I witnessed the dire need of foot care and decided that I should use the knowledge acquired and return to my initial profession.

This led to me deciding to further my knowledge by completing a BSc(Hons) degree in Podiatric Medicine at Southampton University.

I feel my career path has definitely been an interesting one, and will further assist in understanding the varied needs and conditions presented by patients, and I look forward to my future at the FCC.


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