The Pitfalls of Summer

This blog discusses some of the pitfalls of summer feet and the do’s and don’ts to help you along.


During the hotter months of the year, our feet are more exposed and due to dryness, contact with water, and different types of footwear, our feet can experience much change including Tinea Pedis (Athletes foot), Plantar Fasciosis, blisters, ingrown toenails and cracks.

That is why it is important to follow a series of tips to take care of your feet in summer.

Keep your feet moisturised!

The skin on our feet can become dry when in high temperatures. Wearing open shoes will leave our feet unprotected and may cause the skin to harden up or cause fissures on the heels. Moisturising our feet with a urea based emollient will help prevent cracks and calluses. Here at The Footcare Centre, we recommend Flexitol Heel balm which contains 25% Urea for those patients who suffer with heel cracks. We also recommend CCS which is a basic 10% Urea cream ideal for moisturising your feet. Avoid applying cream in between the toes as we can potentially cause a fungal infection through the skin becoming too soft and thus an ineffective barrier.

Infection control!

Protecting our feet against possible infections is important. One can protect their feet by not walking barefoot in changerooms, pools and hotel rooms. Always try and wear sandals or flipflops around these surfaces as verrucae and fungi can be quite present.

Always keep your feet dry after a shower or bath. Drying in between the toes will help with humidity and stop a possible outbreak of fungi on the skin and nails.

If we do suffer with hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), washing your feet with an anti-bacterial soap and using an absorbent foot powder might be enough to control and outbreak of a bacterial infection. Rotating shoes to give them a chance to dry out and wearing socks made of out cotton and changing them at least on a daily basis will also help against possible bacterial infection. Conditions such as Pitted Keratolysis are quite common in patients with hyperhidrosis.

Tendons and muscles!

During summer holidays we would rather put away our boots, closed in shoes and trainers for a much breathable pair such as sandals and flipflops. It was mentioned previously that wearing these types of footwear could help with infections. But we must also remember that we should only be wearing these for very short distances. Most sandals and flipflops are quite flat, and after spending the whole year in boots or closed in shoes that have a sole and a bit of a heel, it can put a strain on our muscles and tendons.

The dreaded heel pain called Plantar Fasciosis is one of the most common symtoms for wearing inappropiate footwear. Walking around the pool in flipflops is better than walking to the shops and picking up your groceries in flipflops. Flat shoes make our calf muscles, achiles tendon and fascia overstretch, causing a possible inflamation of such tendons.


  • Keep feet dry and avoid possible infections
  • Moisturise your feet on a daily basis with urea based emollients
  • Avoid walking barefoot and wear sandals and flipflops in public places
  • Wear supportive shoes when walking or doing exercise

Please also see our video on summer feet on our YouTube channel

At least an annual yearly routine treatment might be a great idea for prevention and to make sure your feet are in good health.

If you do have any other questions, our podiatrists here at The Footcare Centre can give you more tips and help you with certain problems. To book an appointment call 01932 849373 or book online

This blog has been written by Steven Castillo Pinel and is not necessarily the opinion of The Footcare Centre Ltd.


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