Podiatric Surgery

Surgery can offer solutions to many foot problems. It is the aim of our practices to explore all conservative and non-invasive ways of managing your foot problems before considering a surgical intervention. We will tailor your foot treatment plan to your specific needs, as discussed at your initial assessment with your podiatrist.

Your podiatrist may suggest referring you to Ernest Barlow-Kearsley, our consultant podiatric surgeon, for a consultation, however you may self refer yourself for a consultant consultation at any time.

A Podiatric Surgeon is a podiatrist who has undertaken extensive post graduate training in foot surgery. It is important for the public to note that Podiatric Surgeons are non-medically qualified specialists in the treatment of all foot problems. The scope of practice as determined by the higher training authority (The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists) is that of the foot and its associated structures.


A podiatrist has specialist training to diagnose and treat all aspects of foot pathology as an autonomous practitioner. Podiatric Surgeons are highly specialised, only operating on the foot (rather like a dental surgeon who will only treat your mouth). Podiatric surgery is a proven and effective aspect of foot health care with thousands of foot operations performed each year.

The training involves:

  • 3 year full time degree in Podiatr
  • 2 years general Podiatric Practice
  • 2 year primary fellowship – Postgraduate Certificate in Podiatry
  • 2 year surgical training programme – Postgraduate Diploma in Podiatry
  • Final Fellowship examination
  • 3 year specialist training (Clinical Fellow in Podiatric Surgery)
  • Accreditation with the Faculty of Podiatric Surgery
  • Consultant Podiatric Surgeon

All Podiatric Surgeon’s are required to be registered with the Health Professions Council with the award of Fellowship and training provided by the Faculty of Surgery, The Society of Chiropodists & Podiatrists.

Podiatric surgeon Ernest Barlow-Kearsley discusses foot surgery, bunion removal and the discomfort of hammertoe deformity.

The video below follows a surgical procedure to remove a bunion. Read more about the foot condition Hallux Valgus (Bunion).


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