Heel Pain Clinic

Here at The Footcare Centre we are proud of our ‘one-stop-shop’ heel pain service. Through this service you have access to:

  • Podiatrists with extensive experience of all heel pain pathologies and up to date treatment options
  • Radiography referral
  • Referral onto an walking/running coach through The Running School St Johns

There are many types and causes of heel pathologies including:


The Podiatrists can offer both simple treatment plans through to extensive ones. Please see our staged approach below. The majority of our patients are much improved after having some treatment with us and following our advice, however some do need further specialised treatment.

To improve the results and consistency of the treatment plans we offer, we have developed sound, evidenced based standard operating procedures which our whole team have adopted for the management of this condition. We have written this procedure with the input of current research on heel pain and our cumulative experience in treating this condition, including all our podiatrists at The Footcare Centre. See below for more details on our staged approach to your care.

Stage 1 – History Taking

History taking and assessment

Stage 2 – Goal Setting

What are YOUR expectations?

How can WE help?

Your Input + Our Input = two is better than one, right?

Stage 3 – Getting Started

Some homework for you! Some footwork for us!

Stage 4 – YOUR heel pain pathway could include

Advice • special exercises • altered activity • footwear changes
Biomechanical assessment • gait analysis • pressure plate assessment
Night splints • Laser therapy •inflammation/pain reduction
Prescription foot orthoses • steroid injection

Stage 5 – Reviews

Reviews are undertaken throughout your case management.

Stage 6 – Onward referral can be arranged

Our Heel Pain Service can offer you convenience and peace of mind of in-house referrals to our consultant podiatric surgeon.

Imaging • Injection Therapy • Surgery Consultation

We will meet with you to discuss your own concerns, lifestyle and goals in the management of this condition when we formulate our plan with you.

CALL NOW on 01932 849373 to have to book in for a comprehensive assessment and treatment of your heel pain.