80% Of Diabetic Foot Amputations Avoidable

This blog discusses the recent news coverage and rise in lower limb amputations in patients with diabetes in the UK and how foot pressure plate analysis offered at The Footcare Centre can help.

It detects high pressures underneath the foot and is a useful tool in identifying patients at risk of tissue viability issues such as foot ulceration.

The number of diabetes related amputations in England has reached an all-time high of 20 a day, according to new figures released by Diabetes UK.

The finding has prompted renewed calls for improved foot care, experts estimate that 4 out of 5 amputations can be prevented as 80% begin as foot ulcers which are largely avoidable and treatable if detected early (https://www.diabetes.org.uk/putting-feet-first).

Diabetes UK launched its Putting Feet First Campaign in 2012 to ensure everyone with diabetes gets good quality annual foot checks and that anyone who has a foot problem gets the right care to prevent or treat it.

The charity noted that it is particularly important that if anyone with diabetes has a foot infection, they get urgent attention from a team of specialists (Ford, S.  2015, Nursing Times).

At The Footcare Centre we carry out pressure plate analysis as part of our annual diabetic foot screening service.  If an area of very high pressure is detected then our podiatrist will discuss with the patient either a change of footwear, whether an off the shelf insole or custom made prescription orthoses is necessary.

Insoles and orthoses in this instance can work either by offloading the area of high pressure or by reducing the amount of time that is spent over said area.

The results of our annual diabetic checks are then sent to your GP so that everyone is aware of the condition of your feet.

Below is an example of the analysis that is generated by the pressure plate, in this instance concern is raised as the dark orange colour seen over the ball of the foot signifies high pressure.


If you have not had an annual diabetic foot check and concerned your foot health is not being closely monitored, then please come and see one of our Podiatrists either by booking online or phoning 01932 849373.

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