BBC 4 The Incredible Human Foot

BBC 4 recently aired a mini-series investigating the anatomy, function and curiosities of the Human Hand and in particular the Human Foot.

The programme followed the dissection of a real foot, where the complex structures of muscle, ligament and bone within the foot are revealed layer by layer.

It goes on to discuss the function of all these individual structures that make up our unique Foot anatomy; It then takes this a step further and explains how everything can come together in harmony to enable the remarkable ability of Bipedal gait (walking upright on two feet!).

The programme finally touches on the extremes of physical ability that our anatomy allows us to achieve, which we see in people at the pinnacle of sport and dance.

If you are interested in delving briefly into the world of your feet and gaining an understanding of what makes a simple activity like walking a miracle of engineering and evolution; click on the link below:

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