A common problem for ladies during the summer months is fitting their orthoses into a summer shoe. I often come across patients that decide not to wear their orthoses during these months and old problems start to rear their ugly heads or new symptoms arise.

We do understand that fashion is fashion and bulky shoes do not go with a summer maxi dress but also we must stress it is very important that if you suffer from a condition that is caused by abnormal foot biomechanics the “scaffolding” orthoses offer is absolutely necessary.

So what is the answer?

We are delighted to offer bespoke Birkenstock orthotic sandals and Langer orthotic sandals with the use of a 3D scanner to capture all of the necessary information. We then match these sandals to the prescription of your bespoke orthoses.

Please either ring reception (01932 849373) for further details or come and discuss this with your Podiatrist.

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