Clinical Manager celebrates 10 year anniversary at The Footcare Centre

This blog discusses the 10 year anniversary of David Good being at The Footcare Centre and what he has learnt during his time and how he has enhanced his skills.

On the 2nd August 2005 I started at The Footcare Centre as a new graduate that was then entered into a steep learning curve of a mentoring programme led by Clinical Director Stuart Berry and Practice Director Des Armstrong.

Over the first six months of graduation I would argue you learn more clinically in that time compared to placements provided over three years of University.

Over the years I have enhanced my clinical skills so that I now carry out advanced biomechanical assessments for complicated pathologies, electrosurgery for stubborn corns and verrucae, needling for verrucae, extracorporeal shockwave therapy for chronic unresponsive inflammatory conditions and injection therapies including steroid, also for inflammatory conditions.

So ten years on, I am now Clinical Manager a position that I had to learn quickly as it was a big change personally in my role within the team. Obviously the team dynamics changed but I have to thank all members which made this transition as easy as possible. Over the last two and a half years of managing my colleagues it certainly provides a different challenge which I greatly enjoy.

My objective over the next two years is to undertake courses around foot mobilisation technique for which my colleague Franc Pirc has just completed.

As well as my colleagues I would also like to thank the directors for their support and encouragement for developing me clinically and enhancing my business and managerial acumen.

I hope with the sustained support from the entire team and the guidance from myself and Jayne Robertson that The Footcare Centre will keep growing and improving to continue to provide clients with the most comprehensive Podiatry Practice in the region.

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