Dealing with the discomfort of Corns and Callus

Podiatrists are often asked what causes callus and corns.  Callus and corn build up is the body’s way of reacting to excessive pressure or rubbing.  This pressure and rubbing is often caused by poor-fitting footwear or an unstable foot.  Both of these common causes can be easily rectified.

Whether you have painful corns and callus or would just like to get rid of unsightly hard and cracked skin you will be offered treatment plan which is tailored to your individual needs.  Callus can be pared down to leave soft supple skin while corns can be gently removed to relieve pain. If the corn is between the toes silicone devices, which provide pressure relief, can also be moulded to your foot.

Once the initial treatment has been achieved suitable creams can be recommended which will help to slow hard skin build up and leave your skin feeling soft and supple, thus preventing further cracking.

If you require more than just footwear advice and pain management then a biomechanical assessment would be an excellent way forward.  A biomechanical assessment provides an opportunity to learn what exactly is causing your discomfort; the resulting bespoke insole could offer a permanent solution to your problem.

So if you are suffering then please do not hesitate to give us a call to book with one of our podiatrists on 01932 849373

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