Dry Skin/CPD

In order to keep up-to-date with our continual professional development (CPD) commitments we podiatrists have to do plenty of reading. One really interesting article I read this week appeared in the Podiatry Now journal and was all about emollients, dry skin and cracked heels. It was a really useful article and as I read it I thought about how beneficial some of the information would be to our patients. The article explained the importance of regular moisturising and also that many of the bath oils and soaps that we bath in really dry out the skin, even some of the ones that are labelled “moisturising”!

The article also described how excessive rubbing of the foot after bathing can, in some cases, remove too many of the outer skin cells and encourage moisture loss. The author recommended dabbing the foot dry in severe cases of dry skin. He also went on to show that many of the creams we provide at the Footcare Centre contain the skin’s natural moisturisers, and, that the effectiveness of these is widely recognised. The article will help me to give a more in-depth explanation to my patients with regard to why many of us need to cream our feet. It’s an excellent example of how podiatrists use CPD to continually update their knowledge.

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