Essence of biomechanics and orthotic therapy

In this blog we discuss how we at The Footcare Centre carry out our Biomechanical assessments and what is involved.

The essence of biomechanics and orthotic therapy

Biomechanics is the science that examines forces acting on the body and the effects produced. It is well recognised that a person’s abnormal stance and gait can be the cause of recurrent postural problems which commonly include back, hip, knee, ankle and foot pain (please see our conditions page for a comprehensive list of common foot and leg complaints).

Symptoms may relate to leg length differences or as high arched or flat feet. Excessive or increased wear on the heels or soles of shoes, calf/foot muscle cramps, weak ankles and toe deformities are also signs. These may be the body’s way of compensating for malalignment or as a result of the present or a previous injury. However it does not follow that this compensation is normal or acceptable, nor should the person feel or believe that nothing can be done.

Early recognition of abnormal foot and lower limb biomechanics can often avoid injury and should always be considered in the prevention of injury. This also applies to children, where feet and walking problems may be corrected during growth.

At The Footcare Centre we offer a variety of Biomechanical assessments including:

Fully Inclusive Biomechanical Assessment (gait analysis and pressure plate analysis)

This biomechanics assessment takes about 1hr30mins and is undertaken by a qualified Registered Podiatrist.

The examination has two parts:

We will take various specific measurements of your lower limb and back alignment with you laying down and standing up (static assessment). We use video and a pressure plate to monitor you walking (or running) so we can understand what is happening during gait (dynamic assessment).

Static Assessment: non-weight bearing examination, muscle testing, weight bearing lower limb posture assessment.

Dynamic Assessment:

  • Video gait analysis – with the use of a treadmill
  • Pressure plate analysis.

Biomechanical Assessment and Video Gait Analysis

A slightly shorter appointment that lasts 1hr15mins that concentrates on static assessment (as described above) and purely video gait analysis.

Biomechanical Assessment and Pressure Plate Analysis

A slightly shorter appointment that lasts 1hr15mins that concentrates on static assessment (as described above) and purely pressure plate analysis.


After any of the above the biomechanical assessments if orthoses are indicated then the podiatrist will scan your feet using a 3D foot scanner or by more traditional casting methods if the scanner is deemed to be inappropriate.

The scans/casts along with the orthotic prescription form are sent to our orthotics laboratory where custom made orthotics will be produced.

If orthoses are deemed not necessary other treatments can be utilised from as simple as a heel lift or footwear advice to over the counter insoles and possible onward referral.

If you are suffering from a pain in the lower limb that seems to be gait related then please do not hesitate to book an appointment to initially see one of the podiatrists to discuss which assessment is suitable to you if any. Please contact us on 01932 849373 or book online.

*If you wish to book in directly for a biomechanical assessment then the fully inclusive option will be carried out.*

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