Falls & Balance

Have you ever thought about not going out on a visit because you don’t feel confident on your feet?

Feel a bit giddy when you first get up or stand up?

Do you lose your balance when you turn around quickly?

Feel like your legs just give way?

Sound familiar?

As we get older we can become more unsteady on our feet, but there are a few simple things that you can do to aid your balance and confidence.

Regular exercise in the form of walking is great, but also importantly are exercises to challenge your balance and increase your muscle strength

  • Making sure that your feet are well looked after.  It can become more difficult to reach down & cut your nails so regular visits to a Podiatrist are very important.
  • Wearing supportive, comfortable shoes & slippers (with backs on) can help prevent many trips & falls.
  • Make sure that you regularly have your eyes checked.
  • If you take many different medications, make sure that they are regularly reviewed by your G.P.
  • Keep hydrated.  As we become older, our sense of thirst diminishes; therefore it is vital that we drink lots of fluids to compensate.
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