Franc Pirc to leave The Footcare Centre

It is with great sadness but also much nervous excitement that I leave my patients and colleagues at The Footcare Centre as I begin a new chapter in my life. We, as a family, have decided to emigrate to Australia to be nearer our respective families once again. We will be based near Sydney and I will be taking up a position in a private podiatry practice in the Castle Hills district to start with.

I have spent a very enjoyable and informative 3.5 years at The Footcare Centre and my time here will be sorely missed. I have formed so many good relationships with both patients and colleagues that saying ‘Good Bye’ will be very difficult. I have found my patients here to be incredibly interesting and have heard many a good story which has made the work a constant pleasure. I have relished treating everyone I have at the clinic and hope I have made some positive differences to their general health and overall comfort and wellbeing.

My colleagues have always been fantastic to work with! They are all helpful, friendly and easy to be around. I have found the unwavering professionalism at The Footcare Centre has helped me develop exponentially as a podiatrist and for this I am most grateful. I feel I am leaving the practice a better and more rounded clinician.

I thank everyone who has contributed to making my time at The Footcare Centre a pleasurable and rewarding experience and wish you all the best for the future.

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