The Footcare Centre attends the Annual College of Podiatry Conference

This year’s 2017 Annual College of Podiatry Conference was held in Liverpool from the 16th to 18th of November. All of the podiatrists from The Footcare Centre including myself; Steven, were extremely happy to get to listen to all the speakers, see the new podiatry products and see how our profession is moving forward.

David, Tristan, Paul and myself met up in the early hours of that Thursday and drove up North. It is there in Liverpool, where we met with Stuart and Des, whom had flown from Canada (let’s not discuss our tyre issue or Stuart and Des’ flight cancellation ?)

It was great to bond as a team even though our girls had to stay behind as our Surgery was getting refurbished.

We spent those 3 days attending interesting seminars, educational chats and networking with other podiatrists from all over the country. In fact, there were podiatrists from abroad too. Did you know our Conference is the biggest in Europe? I didn’t.

My favourite session was the Dermatology which was presented by Dr Ivan Bristow and Dr Cedric Banfield. It was very interesting and with their experience I was able to get a better understanding of fungus and skin disorders. It is always good to check and measure our moles, even though we could have had a mole on the bottom of our foot for a long time, it’s always best to get it checked. I also enjoyed the session on Forensic Podiatry. I did my dissertation on this topic, so it was excellent to hear new ideas on this speciality of podiatry.

We are now back at the clinic feeling refreshed and I personally cannot wait till next year’s conference in Bournemouth.


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