Tibialis Posterior Dysfunction

I have recently been coming across quite a few patients experiencing pain and discomfort at their inner ankles and into the arch of the feet after activity. It may be that many people are training for the marathon at the moment and have really increased their mileage. As this condition is popping up quite frequently I thought I would highlight it for this week’s blog.

The condition referred to above is Tibialis Posterior Dysfunction and is developed through poor foot posture leading to a number of mechanical abnormalities within the feet. The Tibialis posterior muscle’s tendon runs from deep in the calves and attaches to the inside of the arch of the feet. Its mechanical function is to decelerate the pronation or “rolling-in” of the feet after they have hit the ground. When the arches of the feet are particularly low, the feet will over pronate and put undue strain on the tibialis posterior tendon. This strain will be exacerbated by running as the forces going through the feet are increased in magnitude.

Treatment of this particular problem involves supporting and controlling the function of the feet through prescription insoles taking pressure off the affected tendon. Tibialis posterior dysfunction is a degenerative condition and highlights the importance of regular foot posture checks if any fatigue, discomfort or pain is felt within the feet.

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