As we all know the last couple of months have seen our local area and further afield hopelessly flooded. Dramatic scenes of the Thames Valley area have been national news fodder, depicting areas such as Chertsey as total marshlands. Our thoughts and best wishes to those that have been directly affected, we hope that things are back to normal as soon as is possible.

Along with all the wet weather we have also seen blustery gales, with a ‘mini-tornado’ being spotted recently. These gales were particularly bad last Friday with much property damage reported. The Footcare Centre had it’s sign obliterated leaving an obvious absence at the entrance to the practice. We are working on getting a new sign in place as soon as possible but the business of caring for all of your feet continues uninterupted.

On a more positive note, I stepped out onto the green a couple of days ago to find definite signs of Spring awakening with the appearance of a number of daffodils. Things can only get better!

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