For the Runner

Treatment for RunnersOur podiatrists are able to provide a ‘full house’ of services for our local running community.

We know how important running shoes are, so why not bring your running shoes with you to your appointment so we can ensure you have the correct shoe for your foot type.

Are you ‘Pronated’, ‘Highly-pronated’, ‘Supinated’, ‘Highly-supinated’ or ‘Within norms’?

For the novice and advanced runner this is a confusing area, so let a podiatrist take a peek!

Advanced running problems or recurrent injury can be assessed through our biomechanics and video gait analysis clinics. Here detailed information of your functional anatomy and running style can be gathered in order to develop a treatment plan. Our podiatrists are able to help with all your orthotic queries too.

As your running programme continues we are familiar with friction problems, blood blisters, toenail trauma and corns and callus. We understand how this interferes with any training schedule, therefore for advice and treatment in order to help relieve pain and to help manage skin or nail problems then arrange a podiatry/chiropody appointment now on 01932 849373.

For all round care and treatment we work closely with Weybridge Sports who provide an excellent service at a discounted rate for all our patients.

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