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Comfort Shoes from The Footcare Centre Network

DB ShoesFed up with not being able find to the right shoes?

Try our range of DB Shoes; footwear that’s recommended by podiatrists and chiropodists nationwide.

Trying DB Shoes for the first time you really notice the added comfort they offer. Their soft rubber soles are cushioning which reduces the shockwave that travels up the leg to other joints. This makes them ideal comfort shoes for people with arthritis or aches and pains.

You will also notice how light they are and how flexible the soles are. As you would expect of quality shoes the uppers are all leather.

DB Shoes are similar to many other popular styles that you may be familiar with.

Available widths - DB ShoesDB shoes are available in a variety of widths and depths, up to a 6E in ladies styles and ‘Extra Wide, Extra Deep’ in men’s styles. Removable in-socks in many styles enable even more variability to accommodate difficult-to-fit feet, special insoles or orthoses.

We offer a measuring and fitting service so that your exact foot-needs can be accommodated.

Contact us today to arrange your FREE measurement and fitting. We will ensure you leave with the correct size and fit. We hold stock at The Footcare Centre, although some sizes and styles may need to be ordered for you, with a lead-time of 2-7 days.

Contact us today to arrange a fitting or to find out more about the shoes we offer.

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