Ingrowing toenail, Weybridge

Home Town: Weybridge

Post Code: KT13 0SW

Reason for Visit: Ingrowing toenail.

Service: Podiatry speciality service. Weybridge

Issue: Ingrowing toe nail

Benefits: full assessment of my feet was carried out before treatment where other foot problems where identified. Nail felt comfortable, pain was relieved and the toe was checked to ensure no infection was present at site of ingrowing nail. Other foot related problems where dealt with during the treatment. Clear and concise explanation, how to look after and cut my nails and style of footwear I should be wearing.

I had identified a potential ingrowing toenail and came to The Footcare Centre to have it checked out. Anuj did a thorough examination and identified some other footcare problems and provided treatment recommendations.

MP, Weybridge

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