Achilles Tendon

This blog discusses a brief over view of the Achilles Tendon and its structure.

The Achilles Tendon or its covering, the paratenon, is a common source of damage, pain or inflammation.

The tendon itself with long term repetitive trauma can undergo a degenerative process called tendinosis and in some cases can rupture completely. The paratenon often becomes inflamed – a condition called paratenonitis.

There are many reasons for Achilles tendon problems including training regimes, tight calf muscles, or over-use. Abnormal over pronation is sometimes a mechanism for injury, or can delay resolution, due to the ‘whipping’ motion placed on the tendon.

At The Footcare Centre the podiatrists will assess and treat any abnormal biomechanical strains placed upon the tendon, and can utilise electrotherapy such as Low Level Laser Therapy in treating Achilles tendon problems.

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