Franc Pirc Attends Foot and Ankle Joint Mobilisation course

This blog discusses Franc Pirc’s attendance at a course in London on foot mobilisation technique. The article discusses how this technique works and the benefit of it.

I was recently fortunate enough to attend a course on foot and ankle joint mobilisation. This has always been an area I have been particularly interested in as physical therapies offer an effective adjunct to other conservative foot treatments as well as being useful post-surgery.

Feet are mechanical structures that rely on 33 joints in each foot gliding and moving harmoniously with one another to allow efficient foot function overall. It is therefore reasonable to suggest that any tightness within a given joint would lead to compensation of adjacent joints resulting in functional dysfunction of the foot. This dysfunction could then lead to stresses on joints and soft tissues causing overuse injuries.

Joint mobilisation, as the name implies, works on the principle of bringing motion to joints that are rigid or stiff to lessen any of the compensatory mechanisms mentioned above that may be causing pain or indeed future injury. The techniques of mobilisation are always very gentle and within the natural range of motion of the individuals joints so minimising any risks. The force used when mobilising joints would be less than those involved in simply standing up on the feet therefore making the techniques completely safe.

Contra-indications for joint mobilisation are very limited including only joint replacements, hypermobility syndromes and flaring joints in rheumatoid arthritis.

Mobilisation is generally recommended on a weekly basis for a course of around 4-6 20 min treatments. The effects are often long lasting and will only require a ‘top-up’ every 6-12 months generally but every condition and individual can differ quite considerably.

Examples of conditions that can be helped with this type of treatment include:

Joint mobilisation is definitely to be considered as an adjunct to treatments such as orthoses therapy and exercise rehabilitation for a variety of osseous and soft tissue conditions so do contact The Footcare Centre on 01932 849373 or book online for more information if this might be an avenue for you.

This has been written by Franc Pirc and is the opinion of the blogger and not necessarily The Footcare Centre LTD

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