Our podiatry team are used to seeing foot deformity and treating problems associated with it. Our team are aware that deformity can be due to many different reasons.

Deformity can be congenital such as seen with clubfoot or talipes equinovarus or can be acquired such as post polio syndrome, adult acquired flat foot from posterior tibial tendon dysfunction or trauma related.

Systemic disease such as diabetes can lead to rocker-bottom feet or charcot foot, while peroneal muscle atrophy from charcot marie-tooth disease can lead to high arch foot deformity or pes cavus.

Digital deformities are also common such as hammertoes, mallet toes, claw toes and retracted toes. Conjoined or “webbed toes” associated with syndactyly seen on two or more toes– our podiatrists have seen them all!

The big toe joint also gets its fair share of deformity with bunions caused by hallux valgus or hallux abductovalgus. Bone spurs associated with hallux limitus, hallux rigidus and arthritis commonly lead to enlarged deformed big toe joints and crooked big toes are seen with a trigger hallux.

Wider foot difficulties such as swollen feet or very wide feet or splayfoot deformities are among other problems that can give difficulties fitting feet into shoes.

Your podiatrist will assess your deformity and discus options including conservative, pain relieving and preventative care. Orthotics and medical pads combined with muscle strengthening may be prescribed. Surgical options that may be suitable for you can also be discussed and a referral arranged.

For a proper assessment and recommended treatment plan, consult with our podiatrists for professional help and care.

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