Diabetes in Weybridge?

Do have either Type I Diabetes or Type II Diabetes and live in Weybridge, near London?

Diabetes UK has launched a handy new app for the iPhone to help you record your latest blood test recordings and monitor how you have been feeling.

We are pleased to comply with Diabetes UKs recommendations regarding your foot diabetic foot health screenings and we will undertake a comprehensive foot health assessment for you.

We are able to utilise the latest technologies when assessing your feet and are able to evaluate your circulation using our clinical skills and using devices such as Doppler machines which enable the quality of arterial blood flow to be determined.  Additional circulatory tests can be undertaken if recommended.

We will examine your feet to ensure there are no obvious pressure risk areas and will test your feet for changes in nerve function and sensation perception.

We assess the shape, structure and alignment of your feet and will discuss your footwear with you to help ensure that serious diabetic complications are prevented.  If we feel that changes in footwear or further assessment of your foot posture is needed we will discuss this with you.

Neuropathy, where there is diminished sensation or reduced nerve function increases the risk of ulceration of serious foot problems.  Ischemia, a condition where there is impaired blood flow to the foot also increases the risk of ulceration.  If onwards referral regarding your circulation is required we will discuss this with you.

It is also vital we manage your skin and nails in an appropriate manner and will give you all the advice that you need and develop a plan of action tailored to your specific need and the assessment performed with you.

Book your initial appointment NOW by calling 01932 849373, or by booking online.

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