What is a Verruca?

The Human Papilloma Virus, or HPV, commonly causes infection on the feet and these areas of infection are seen as the condition known as verrucae pedis, verrucae, or ‘warts’.

The bottom surface of the foot is the plantar surface, therefore verrucae on the bottom surface of the foot are sometimes called plantar warts.

The virus invades the skin layers and causes visible lesions to appear on the skin, but lesions are not always confined to the underside of the foot and can develop on the ends of toes, between toes or even on the top of the foot.

Podiatrists are able to offer a range of advice for people with verrucae and plantar warts, including advice on conservative and surgical treatment.


Our NEW fast treatment for verrucae - introducing Swift.

We know verrucae can be unsightly, can spread or can be painful: we understand that our patients often want to treat these professionally and in a timely and efficient manner with minimal impact on their daily routine. Help is at hand!

Introducing this advanced microwave technology which delivers treatment to the heart of the wart to enable the bodies natural defenses to start the healing process.

Treatment is delivered quickly without interfering with daily activities, sport or school. There are no messy dressings, and you can shower or bathe the same day!

This evidence-based treatment has an increasing amount of data and global interest supporting its success in treating verrucae which is why we are pleased to offer this as a key part of our treatment strategy for verrucae at The Footcare Centre.

As well as proudly offering Swift microwave treatment we also offer verrucae needling. Our aim: to offer the most evidence-based treatments available.

Treating both children and adults alike, we look forward to offering the right treatment for the verruca in your family!


If you have verrucae, you may have tried or considered different treatment methods depending on your specific case. Options include leaving it alone, peeling medicines (salicylic acid), freezing medicines (cryosurgery/cryotherapy), or surgical procedures. Electrosurgery and Laser are also sometimes used to treat verrucae.

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