Are you a foot doctor? The resulting case study

After a recent talk at a primary school on the importance of looking after our feet, several of the reception class and year 1 children came up to me and asked if I was a foot doctor. I explained to them that I was a Podiatrist, which is a specialist in legs, feet and the way we walk, but that I’m not a doctor.

After the next ten minutes of the children showing me how they walk – some interesting variations! – I spotted a child that was significantly in-toeing and was obviously hypermobile (showing me some party tricks), so I brought it to the attention of the parent who was also at the assembly.

Following an initial chat with the parent it turns out there were anxiety issues as well as tummy problems so I suggested them seeing their GP for a general check as I suspected the possibility of hypermobility spectrum disorder.

It in fact turned out to the case; assistance was put in place at school (as poor concentration can be a factor with this diagnosis) as well as referral onto occupational therapy and physiotherapy.

We carried out a biomechanical assessment and orthoses were prescribed as well as a strengthening regime (in combination with physiotherapy) for the in-toeing.

With this multidisciplinary approach great improvement has been seen in all areas which makes for very happy clinicians, parents and ultimately and most importantly a happier child.

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