Foot posture index

This blog discusses a free assessment that The Footcare Centre offers to determine the position of your feet to see if they are attributed to the possible symptoms that you are experiencing. It can also be used so that advice can be issued if you are currently asymptomatic.

The foot posture index (FPI) is a validated clinical diagnostic tool used by all Podiatrists’ at The Footcare Centre which is designed to aid practitioners to determine the degree to which a foot can be deemed pronated (rolled in), supinated (rolled out) or neutral in position. The result of this assessment can be used to possibly match up reasons as to why a patient is experiencing symptoms/pain.

If you are currently asymptomatic and have been classed by one of the team as a highly supinated or highly pronated foot type, intervention at this point can be considered as a preventative to future problems. Intervention and advice given can vary from simple footwear advice to detailed examination through one of our Biomechanical Assessments with view to insole/orthoses.

How is the assessment carried out?

The Podiatrist will ask you to stand and then march on the spot and come to a natural stop; this is deemed your relaxed stance position. From this position the Podiatrist will look at various aspects of your foot posture, each aspect comes with a score and at the end of the assessment the scores are tallied up.

A score of between 0 to +5 is considered normal, +6 to +9 is pronated (rolled in), and over +10 is highly pronated. Reversely a supinated position (rolled out) is considered between -1 to -4 and highly supinated between -5 to -12.

After the assessment the clinician will provide you with a printed score sheet and a specific explanation of your score, with any mechanical abnormalities highlighted. From here the podiatrist will discuss possible treatments that have been aforementioned.

If you are concerned about your foot posture or believe your symptoms are attributed to the way you walk then please take advantage of our FREE 15min FPI appointment by calling reception on 01932 849373.

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