Falls Prevention

Falls preventionFalling becomes worrying for many of our patients and the families and carers of our patients.
Podiatry offered at The Footcare Centre hopes to help with the prevention of falls in a number of ways.

  1. Pain relief – Offering regular, palliative foot care (chiropody) to those who are vulnerable of falls is vital.  Keeping toenails in check, hard skin minimised and painful corns regularly removed enables people the freedom to remain more mobile and more comfortable on their feet.  With this reduced risk of ‘guarding’ painful feet and the reduced risk of adopting an ‘antalgic gait’ – an altered gait pattern due to pain we hope to help keep people on their feet.
  2. Footwear clinic – The wrong footwear can be a major cause of foot instability, can lead to tripping or slipping hazards, or if ill-fitting can slip or cause pain.  We stock a range of footwear manufactured by DB-shoes which are ideal in the prevention of falls.  Non-slip soles of their house-shoes and outdoor ranges are flexible and lightweight, whilst the soft, comfortable breathable uppers can be fitted in a number of widths and depths to accommodate most foot-types. Book an appointment with Anuj Soni at the Footcare Centre for a friendly one-to-one complimentary foot-measure to discuss your footwear needs.
  3. Improved stability – The biomechanics service provided by our podiatry team can assess and evaluate gait anomalies which may contribute to potential falls and a treatment plan can be provided.  Exercises or specialist orthotic insoles, disease specific orthoses (such as for sufferers of diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis) may be appropriate and we may discuss referral to other members of the multidisciplinary team.


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