Tristan’s Trip to Canada

Just recently, I had the privilege of being whisked away by Stuart Berry & Des Armstrong for a trip to visit The Footcare Centre’s Office in Niagara Falls over in Canada.

The trip was a whistle-stop tour of 5 action packed days where I got to see how The Footcare Centre operates in Niagara Falls compared to back here in the UK, which was especially nice to do after hearing so much about it over the last 2.5 years.

It wasn’t all work focused though! It would have been a terrible shame to visit The Office in Niagara Falls and not see the actual Niagara Falls themselves. Especially when the Falls are only a short drive away.

The Niagara Falls Office is a multi-clinic practice not dissimilar to us here in the UK, but whereas we are based within a house, the Niagara Falls Office is based within a small office block dedicated to medical professionals. It also has a handy Pharmacy on the ground floor too.

Apart from the odd difference that comes with Podiatrists (or chiropodists as they are known over there) in Canada, having access to a slightly broader range of medications and some niche treatment options, the practice itself operates in a similar fashion basing itself off the same template that has made The Footcare Centre UK so popular over the years.

One of the absolute highlights of the trip was of course seeing Niagara Falls. What made them especially memorable was the vantage point. We had dinner in a revolving restaurant high up, overlooking the falls, as dusk draws over the falls they are lit up spectacularly with huge coloured lamps to display the Canadian and American Flags over the rushing water.

Not many better views to enjoy over dinner!

I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to see how the clinic works in Canada and it has made me reflect on my current clinical practice.

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