Winter at The Footcare Centre

Happy 2018 from The Footcare Centre!!!

After a relaxing and enjoyable Christmas spent with family and friends, and a great and healthy start to 2018, our practice is up and running again with its normal hours from Monday to Saturday.

As we still have a few cold months ahead of us, it is still quite important to take care of your feet in winter even though they are hidden away in our boots and shoes.

As the temperature drops, our foot problems can increase due to the cold. It is vital to protect our feet in winter and not to forget to take care of them and avoid any foot conditions.

People who are more predisposed to suffering foot problems in winter are the elderly with bad circulation, persons with Raynaud’s phenomenon, and those who are outdoors either due to their work or sporting activity.

It is vital to keep your feet warm and dry, avoid any mal-fitting synthetic footwear, socks or tight-fitting shoes (causing circulatory problems). Diabetics, specifically those with peripheral neuropathy, should stay away from direct contact with radiators or hot water bottles as these could cause burns.

Keeping your feet well moisturised (with a foot cream such as CCS or Flexitol) will work against cracks as cold weather causes dehydration in our skin.

One of the most common conditions caused in winter are Chilblains. They are small and itchy lumps on our skin often quite painful. Children and the older generation are most susceptible to these. Please look out for an upcoming blog on chilblains.

At The Footcare Centre, our podiatrists can help you, treat you and give you advice on how to keep your feet healthy during these colder months. To book an appointment call 01932 849373 or book online

This blog has been written by Steven Castillo Pinel and is not necessarily the opinion of The Footcare Centre Ltd

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