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Best Shoes for People With Heel Spurs

heel spurHeel spurs are small, bony growths caused by excessive calcium deposits forming on the heel of the foot. These can grow on the bottom of the heel or the heel bone where the plantar fascia ligament attaches the heel to the toes. This connective tissue keeps the foot in a comfortable arch position, but a heel spur can damage the fibrous tissue and it will not be able to perform its job. In addition to causing every step one takes to be painful, heel spurs can cause long-term foot problems. Trying to purchase shoes that accommodate heel spurs can be an overwhelming task, yet it is imperative to wear proper footwear. When choosing footwear to alleviate pain and prevent further damage from heel spurs, it is crucial to look for shoes with firm rearfoots or backs of shoes. These are less apt to bend during movement and thus provide more support to the heel. Shoes should also have additional cushioning and a flexible forefoot that bends and stretches easily with movement. If you suffer from heel spurs, consult with a podiatrist who can help you with treating this condition, as well as suggest the best footwear to help with pain and prevention.

Heel spurs can be incredibly painful and sometimes may make you unable to participate in physical activities. To get medical care for your heel spurs, contact one of our clinicians from The Footcare CentreOur podiatrists will do everything possible to treat your condition.

Heels Spurs

Heel spurs are formed by calcium deposits on the back of the foot where the heel is. This can also be caused by small fragments of bone breaking off one section of the foot, attaching to the back of the foot. Heel spurs can also be bone growth on the back of the foot and may grow in the direction of the arch of the foot.

Older individuals usually suffer from heel spurs and pain sometimes intensifies with age. One of the main conditions spurs are related to is plantar fasciitis.


The pain associated with spurs is often because of the weight placed on the feet. When someone is walking, their entire weight is concentrated on the feet. Bone spurs then have the tendency to affect other bones and tissues around the foot. As the pain continues, the feet will become tender and sensitive over time.


There are many ways to treat heel spurs. If one is suffering from heel spurs in conjunction with pain, there are several methods for healing. Medication, surgery, and herbal care are some options.

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